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1. Improve the quality of SUMPs

The quality of SUMPs of European cities will be increased through the implementation of a new auditing scheme and the sharing of experiences among city practitioners. 


2. Establish a critical mass

A critical mass of cities, municipalities and external auditors will be established to trigger a snowball effect on SUMPs. By this, SUMPs audits leading to a wide introduction of good quality SUMPs will be brought forward.


3. Support local actions

The ADVANCE Audit will result in local action plans, in which measures and activities that the city should implement in order to improve its SUMP are defined. The implementation of these measures results in concrete improvements of the urban mobility leading to a more energy efficient transport system.

4. Promote SUMPs throughout Europe

The evidence of the contribution of good quality SUMPs will be widely disseminated to achieve the EU 2020 objectives and meet the related need for quality audits.


5. Energy savings on European level

The energy performance of urban transport in Europe shall be increased through the wide introduction of good quality SUMPs in European cities. The external auditors, trained within this project, will continue to conduct the ADVANCE Audit Scheme in European cities. By doing so, the project will contribute to the EU 2020 targets on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.


The main objective of ADVANCE is to ensure the quality of SUMPs and to promote a widespread implementation of these high quality and integrated polices for sustainable urban transport!