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ADVANCE: better planning, better cities!

The ADVANCE Audit is a practical tool for improving Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in cities and municipalities. It provides a systematic evaluation method and guidance, shows the potential for a (even more) successful SUMP and provides added value to cities.

The ADVANCE Audit compares the cities’ mobility planning to an ideal sustainable urban mobility planning process. The definition of an ideal planning process is based on the SUMP development cycle of Eltis. ADVANCE defines 5 Mission Fields and 8 Action Fields as the main elements of a SUMP.

Mission and Action Fields

Graph: Mission and Action Fields of ADVANCE Audit

The main tool of the ADVANCE Audit is the self-assessment questionnaire that is based on the 5 Mission and 8 Action Fields. It is filled in by the members of the ADVANCE working group (cities representatives and internal stakeholders). The ADVANCE Audit is facilitated and moderated by the ADVANCE Auditor. The 5 main steps of the ADVANCE Audit are:


Step 1: Analysing the status:

The ADVANCE Auditor establishes the first contact with the city and introduces the ADVANCE Audit. The ADVANCE working group will be constituted and invited for the first meeting. During this first meeting of the working group (M1) the ADVANCE questionnaire will be explained. 

Step 2: Assessment:

The members of the working group fill in the questionnaire and forward it to the ADVANCE Auditor. During the second meeting of the ADVANCE working group (M2) the individual answers will be discussed and agreed.

Step 3: Prioritisation:

Based on the output of step 2, the ADVANCE working group, with the support of the ADVANCE Auditor, priorities actions and draft an action plan. This priorisation of the actions will be discussed in the third meeting of the ADVANCE working group (M3).

Step 4: Final action plan:

The final action plan will be produced. It will be presented to the decision makers of the city in the fourth meeting of the ADVANCE working group (M4).

Step 5: Audit Report and certification:

The ADVANCE Auditor writes the final ADVANCE Audit report and the city will receive the ADVANCE Certificate.