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City of Žilina, Slovakia

Photo of City of Zilina

Country: Slovakia


Number of inhabitants: 84,586
Area: 80 km²
Population density: 1057 inhabitants /km²

Baseline data

Žilina is a natural centre of north-western Slovakia. The city is a centre of significant political, cultural, sport and public health care institutions. It is the seat of the new Žilina Diocese, important business centre and entrance tourist gate into the Žilina Region. Žilina is the seat of the Self-Governing Region authorities, one of eight regions of the Slovak Republic. Nowadays, the city of Žilina has experienced a dynamic development.


The increase of long distance, inter-city, transport movements in the past years was accompanied by an increase in short-distance movement for both passengers and freight, mainly in urban area. The mobility problems (traffic congestion and parking difficulties, longer commuting, public transport inadequacy, difficulties for non-motorised transport, environmental impacts and energy consumption) now have greater complexity and there is potential for disruptions if this complexity is not effectively managed. Therefore there is urgent need for the adoption of a common urban transport (mobility) policy that would address the specific issues and problems facing Žilina.


The city strategy in the field of mobility considering actual problems and situation and it is oriented on:

  • the development of energy saving and alternative modes of transport
  • the publicity of environmental friendly modes of transport
  • the building of public cycling routes
  • the revitalisation of public places
  • the development and quality improvement of public transport
  • the support of environmental and ecological citizen attitudes

Improvements through ADVANCE

During the ADVANCE project we would like to sum up the general Žilina transport city plan and improve it in accordance with ADVANCE audit scheme. The new priorities will be adopted with the aim to improve the transport situation in the city.