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City of Szczecin, Poland

Photo of City of Szczecin

Country: Poland


Number of inhabitants: 408,811
Area: 301 km²
Population density: 1350 inhabitants /km²

Baseline data

Szczecin is the capital city of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland. At present, there is no data about the modal split in the city of Szczecin. A complex traffic research for the city is currently being prepared and will provide information about the preferences and expectations of public transport users. The main aim of this research is to support the organisation of surface transport, including trams and buses and the promotion of these modes to citizens. A traffic model will be drawn up using the collected data which will provide the basis for developing public transport solutions in the city.


The main problems in Szczecin concern the environmental pollution caused by individual cars and by a lack of public transport offer. Further, not well developed cycling routes and lack of information and awareness campaigns for the inhabitants about alternative transportation modes contribute to the problems.


The city’s strategic approach to transport management is defined by the Integrated Development Plan for Public Transport for the period 2004 to 2013 and the Transport Policy for Szczecin City. The main targets of the plan and policy incorporate environmental protection, improved road safety and security and improved quality of public transport.

Improvements through ADVANCE

Main targets are to encourage more citizens to use sustainable transport modes like cycling and walking. Other improvements envisaged are in the update of the transport system network and the lowering of air pollution. Another aim is to increase the usage of public transport and to develop sustainable and energy efficient transport in the town. SUMPs are necessary in Szczecin city and good approach towards its implementation is important.