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ADVANCE aims to increase the energy efficiency of urban transport and reduce the demand for transport in European cities. To reach these goals ADVANCE will develop, test and apply an audit scheme for cities that helps to set up and improve the quality of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and policies.



The ADVANCE Audit Scheme will be developed by an interdisciplinary team of mobility consultants, scientists and city representatives.

Target groups

The focus of ADVANCE lies on supporting cities without an integrated SUMP or with a SUMP that could be significantly improved. For advanced cities an emphasis will be set on the improvement of the process of developing a SUMP.

Local action plans

The application of the ADVANCE Audit Scheme will result in local action plans with concrete measures for the city. The ADVANCE Audit Scheme will be practical and user-friendly and will ensure that cities have sufficient resources after the audit to actually implement the measures.

Dissemination and knowledge exchange

Dedicated actions to disseminate the results and share experiences among city practitioners and auditors will be taken. Awareness raising events will be organised in cooperation with strategic partners from national and European networks (EUROCITIES, EPOMM) and related projects (ELTIS, EcoMobility SHIFT).

Implementation process

1. Development of a prototype of the Audit Scheme

The project team will develop a prototype ADVANCE Audit Scheme. The development process includes a wide market research as well as an analysis of existing audit schemes. The experiences of all partners are brought together in one workshop, which is dedicated to the development of the audit framework.

2. Testing and further improving the Audit Scheme

Two cities, Szczecin (PL) and Malmö (SE) are part of the project consortium and will test the audit during the first development phase. The first test will take place in a role play.

3. Applying the ADVANCE Audit Scheme

After a validation and improvement phase, based on the results of this role play, eight partner cities will be guided through the whole audit process. These cities will apply the audit and provide feedback to further improve the scheme. This full application will include the set up of local action plans as well.

4. Training of external auditors

At least 50 external auditors will be trained in ten training seminars in Europe. The training will take place in ten European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. The future auditors will apply the ADVANCE Audit Scheme again in a larger group of European cities.