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Benefits for cities

SUMP as a basis for future EU funded projects

The European Commission identifies SUMPs as an important tool to face urban mobility problems and mentioned SUMPs in the EU Action Plan for urban mobility. It can be assumed that SUMPs will play an important role in the funding of future transport projects approved by the EU.

Find out more about the policy background of SUMPs:  



Better image as an innovative and sustainable city

Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning can project an innovative and efficient planning culture for sustainable mobility in Europe. This new standard can encourage a forward-looking image of an engaged city on a European level.

Cities that are testing and applying the ADVANCE Audit:


Benchmarking with other cities on European level

Know where you stand! The result of the ADVANCE Audit process will be a certification or label, which demonstrates the cities ambitions and successful mobility planning. This certificate or label will allow benchmarking with other cities on a European level.

The audit results will be published in a restricted area, which will be developed in the life time of the project.


Local action plan as important result

The result of the ADVANCE Audit will be a local action plan with concrete measures and activities that will lead your city to a successful mobility planning. The plan will be developed by a certified external auditor, in close cooperation with local representatives and decision makers. This plan will contain recommendations about actions that should be undertaken to further improve sustainable mobility planning and policies.  


Are you interested in participating in ADVANCE? Apply here for participation and conduct the ADVANCE Audit Scheme as one of the first cities in Europe.