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City of Ploiești, Romania

City of Ploiesti

Country: Romania


Number of inhabitants: 230,240
Area: 58 km²
Population density: 3989 inhabitants /km²

Baseline data

The City of Ploiești is located in a densely populated and urbanized county positioned in the vicinity of the Romanian Capital - only 60km away and 40 km away from Henri Coandă Internatonal Airport.

It is an administrative centre with an area of 58 km2 and 230.240 inhabitants.

Ploiești historically developed a network of street covering most of its area with a radial structure and centre area transit. The length of the urban streets measure 324km, out of which 241 could be defined as modern streets.

The Public Transport within the city is operated RATP – the Public Transport Operator relying on 37 lines using 190 buses, 33 tram lines and 25 trolley-buses.


The public transportation logistics confront with difficulties in maintaining its fleet in a good shape. Therefore, the vehicles are highly used and their number decreased during last years – the number of buses decreased from 216 to 190 from 2005 to 2007.

Lack of public transportation priority lanes and priority traffic lights lead to major problems due to traffic congestion within the city centre - more than 85.000 vehicles per day transit the city.  Also lack of an integrated public transport between the city and the nearby areas has major repercussions due to many commuters coming to and leaving the city every day.


In order to improve the public transport quality and comfort, RATP and the City of Ploiești involved themselves in the process of renewing the fleet, replacing the old buses with new more ecological articulated ones with lower floors, air conditioning and GNC engines. The public transport network is planned to be extended with new routes of tramways.

The public transport stations and stops have been also subject of the modernisations actions - real time information electronically displayed. Due to its involvement in many European funded projects – like CIVITAS – the City of Ploiești has implemented a lot of sustainable transport measures like traffic control measures, implementation of GPS system for the public transportation fleet, areas with restricted access, street bumps for traffic calming, dedicated urban spaces for the pedestrians (with interdiction of traffic).

Improvements through ADVANCE

The City of Ploiești is one of the 7 Growth Poles in Romania that will belong to the first phase of SUMP development, therefore it is of great importance for the City of Ploiesti to be one of the test-cities that implement the ADVANCE Audit Scheme.