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City of Judenburg, Austria

City of Judenburg

Number of inhabitants: 9,319
Internet: Stadtgemeinde Judenburg
Audit: 2013
Contact person: Eva Volkar
Jörg Kastelic

The ADVANCE Audit Scheme was tested between April and September 2013. The Working Group consisted of 10 participants.
The action plan contains a detailed description of 33 measures – both concerning process oriented Mission Fields as well as action oriented Action Fields. These measures were the results of the audit process and were selected and developed in close cooperation with the working group members. In addition, they have been presented to the mayor of Judenburg.
The results of the prioritisation process show that high importance has been given to the improvement of Mission Fields.

The recommendations for the city of Judenburg include:

Mission Fields

  • Definition of an annual budget for mobility investments
  • A better information of Judenburg’s citizens about mobility measures
  • Introduction of a local mobility coordinator
  • Implementation of a study to increase the performance of the inner city bus (including passenger survey)

Action Fields

  • Better sign postingsfor pedestrians
  • Introduction of mobility games for school children
  • Introduction of job tickets for companies
  • Integration of mobility information in the welcome packages for new inhabitants
  • Improvement of cycle guidance system
  • Installation of self service boxes at the main square