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Municipality of Schaerbeek, Belgium


Number of inhabitants: 127,130

Gemeente Schaarbeek /
Commune de Schaerbeek

Contact person: Benoît Velghe
Veerle Duportail

The ADVANCE Audit Scheme was tested between June 2012 and November 2013. The Working Group consisted of 12 participants.

Schaerbeek was the first municipality in the Brussels Region to be audited. This has helped to improve the implementation of the ADVANCE Audit in six other municipalities of Brussels. According to the participants in the audit process, the added value is the external and objective look of the mobility policy that gives a clear view of the positive and negative aspects of this policy.

A Local Action Plan was gradually developed, built up during the ADVANCE Audit implementation. The actions were proposed by the Auditor first, and modified by the ADVANCE Working Group. Some initial actions have been removed, others have been added. These shares were initially evaluated according to their potential impact on mobility, and then according to their feasibility.

The recommendations for the City of Schaerbeek include:

Mission fields

  • Obtaining local data
  • Setting up a mobility group
  • Information evenings
  • Setting up a framework for Communication
  • Integrating communication specifications in the consultancy offices
  • Traffic counts
  • Development of tools for systematic monitoring and evaluation

Action fields

  • Continue to develop cycling facilities
  • Park & Ride and Park & Bike
  • Continue to develop the Public Transport offer and to make it more attractive
  • Car-speed control
  • Campaign speed limitation zones 30km/h
  • General information and specific advice for different audiences
  • Promoting active mobility in schools
  • Mobility plan of the municipal administration
  • Pilot project Cargo bikes