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City of Agioi Anargyroi & Kamatero, Greece


Number of inhabitants: 62,529


Audit: 2013
Contact person: Ioanna Legaki
Auditor: Ioannis G. Koliousis

The ADVANCE Audit Scheme was tested between March and October 2013. The Working Group consisted of 8 participants.

The Local Action Plan for the City of Agioi-Anargyroi & Kamatero, a municipality part of Athens Metropolitan Agglomeration, was developed in the context of the ADVANCE Project. During the 8-month process, the city assessed its sustainable mobility policy and planning, and the strengths and weaknesses have been pointed to form an initial Local Action Plan (LAP) for improvements and mobility upgrades. The LAP has undergone a consultation with the relevant local stakeholders.

Considering that Agioi-Anargyroi & Kamatero is a Starting City, a lot of emphasis has been placed on internal (re)organisation and on low cost measures. Additionally, these measures have another advantage: they are easy to implement, so these “quick wins” actions can efficiently and effectively improve the mobility. The vision driving the current Action Plan is for Agioi-Anargyroi & Kamatero: “to become an Advancing City by 2016”.

The recommendations for the City of Agioi-Anargyroi & Kamatero include:

Mission fields

  • Internal Re-Organization:
    • establish a Mobility Group in the City
    • organise an archive with relevant studies and project material
    • create a data collection framework
  • Monitoring and Evaluation framework

Action fields

  • Promotion of Walking
    • implementation of a continuous pedestrian network and safe crossings
    • apply the Shared Space model
    • increase green areas and provide street furniture
  • Promotion of Cycling
    • development of a continuous cycling network and integrate different sub-networks
    • collect existing relevant fragmented studies and planned projects
    • implement bike hiring, bike sharing and parking facilities
  • Increase Public Awareness
    • Mobility Campaigns
    • School Mobility Campaigns
    • create a Municipal Mobility Centre
  • Improvement of Freight Management
    • create a database with the needs of local enterprises
    • regulate Freight Transport Flows
    • develop financial instruments for motivation and demotivation (penalties) for the local enterprises