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Szczecin, Poland


Number of inhabitants: 408,811

Urząd Miasta Szczecin

Audit: 2012
Contact person: Zuzanna Klos-Adamkiewicz
Auditor: Paweł Ogrodnik

The ADVANCE Audit Scheme was tested in June and July 2012. The Working Group consisted of 12 participants.

One of the most important topics targeted the implementation area of Mobility Plans, considering changes not only in the city itself but also at the level of the entire agglomeration. The method used to prioritise the actions comprised in the Local Action Plan was a panel discussion during the Prioritisation Meeting.

The draft version of a 24-month Sustainable Action Mobility Plan for Szczecin is to be prepared on the basis of comments of the audit participants with the guidance of the external auditors. It covers all of the 8 mission fields.

The priority actions for the City of Szczecin include:

  • Parking policy
  • Public transport
  • Spatial planning
  • Walking