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City of Ploiești, Romania


Number of inhabitants: 230,240

Municipiul Ploiesti

Audit: 2013
Contact person: Roxana Cozia Georgescu
Auditor: Ana Drăguțescu

The ADVANCE Audit Scheme was tested between April and November 2013. The Working Group consisted of 11 participants.

The requirements for the new increased mobility needs must be taken into account with regard to city design, urban planning and management. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans are scheduled to be carried out within the upcoming years ​​for the seven Growth Poles and for Bucharest and Ilfov County, Ploieşti included. Under these circumstances, rethinking the urban mobility planning involves optimising the use of all transport modes - walking, cycling, public transport or car sharing schemes - by simultaneously discouraging individual car use.

After the discussions held during the Consensus Meeting while testing the ADVANCE Audit Scheme, ​​a list of actions was set up that need to be implemented by the City of Ploiesti both in the short and medium or long term. The identification of the most appropriate actions was based on the experience of those already implementing such measures, coupled with interventions considered most appropriate for the local context.

The actions enclosed in the Local Action Plan for the City of Ploiești aim to:

Mission fields

  • Set up a Mobility Department
  • Get political support for sustainable mobility measures in the city
  • Implement surveys for an updated Modal Split

Action fields

  • Mobility enforcements for new developments within the city
  • Implementation of pilot projects – 30 zones, shared space zones
  • Improvement of traffic lights timing for pedestrians
  • Improvement of safety for pedestrian crossings
  • Public Transport dedicated lanes
  • Improvement of the cycling network
  • Improvement of PT image – campaigns, integrated fares, frequency