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City of Maribor, Slovenia


Number of inhabitants: 120,000

Mestna občina Maribor

Audit: 2013
Contact person: Uroš Kosi
Auditor: Vlasta Krmelj

The ADVANCE Audit Scheme was tested between February and October 2013. The Working Group consisted of 12 participants.

The basic principle of the transport planning for the past two decades aimed mainly the expansion of the road network and the reduction of the public transport. Volume. The result is a constantly growing number of car users and commercial vehicles in the city. The city of Maribor gradually began to implement measures for mobility management and transport system improvement. However, these measures are primarily 'soft' or quick measures, due to financial resources in the mobility area that enabled only minimal investments.

The Local Action Plan was developed within the framework of the ADVANCE project and contains both “soft measures” and “hard measures” that will be implemented over a longer period of time. The Action Plan was prepared simultaneously with the Integrated Transport Strategy (SUMP). The guidelines and recommendations that have been exposed in the context of the ADVANCE Audit are enclosed in the above-mentioned document.

The Action Plan recommends measures, beneficiaries, time and financial frameworks that will improve traffic condition in the short term and presents guidelines that permit better long-term planning. The recommendations for the City of Maribor include:

Mission fields

  • Systemic, financial and administrative conditions for mobility management
  • Introduce modern tools for public involvement

Action fields

  • Introduction of a mobility centre
  • Increasing the extent of public transport
  • Improvement of the overall image of public transport
  • Handling and managing parking
  • Rationalisation of freight traffic
  • Extension of the pedestrians infrastructure
  • Development of a cycling network
  • Replacement of the existing public transport fleet
  • Renovation of bus stops with dynamic displays
  • Implementation of Park&Ride systems
  • Incentives for environmental friendly vehicles