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City of Terrassa, Spain


Number of inhabitants: 210,000

Ajuntament de Terrassa

Audit: 2013
Contact person:
Pau Vilaplana Vilar
Auditor: Jordi Casas

The ADVANCE Audit Scheme was tested between April and September 2013. The Working Group consisted of 14 participants.

In 1999 public and private institutions of the city of Terrassa defined the goals and objectives of the future mobility model. The strategic guidelines to achieve these goals were the prioritization of the more sustainable means of transport: walking, cycling and public transport. The city of Terrassa is currently drafting its new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the period 2013-2020 that aims to achieve a more sustainable and safer mobility system. In fact, one of its main axes will be the pacification of the traffic through speed reduction, noise and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the coming years the city will experience a deep change in its public transport infrastructure with the enlargement of the “Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat” network (suburban train network) and the opening of a new station of the “Renfe” network (regional train network).

Recommendations for the City of Terrassa:

Mission fields

  • Define the necessary funding sources for the development and implementation of the actions included in the SUMP
  • Establish synergies and communication between the Mobility Department and other Municipality departments
  • Define a protocol for monitoring and evaluation of the sustainable mobility projects
  • Develop and implement Quality Management procedures for sustainable mobility projects

Action fields

  • Continue the development of the pedestrian network defined in the SUMP
  • Establish specific parking policies and actions aimed at different target groups (residents, commuters, disabled people)
  • Extend the Zone 30 network and pedestrian areas
  • Improve the park and ride facilities management, especially focusing on intermodality with public transport
  • Achieve a more clean and energy efficient PT fleet
  • Enlarge the restricted areas for cars