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City of Malmö, Sweden


Number of inhabitants: 300,515
Internet: Malmö stad
Audit 2012
Contact person: Björn Wickenberg
Auditor: Max Hanander

The ADVANCE Audit Scheme was tested between June and October 2012. The Working Group consisted of 12 participants.

The Local Action Plan in Malmö is built around the one major task of developing a new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. In this endeavour, certain aspects and methods were highlighted and prioritised. The Action Plan was perceived as a starting point that sets out the main directions for Malmö’s efforts when it comes to developing a new Mobility Plan that would bridge the potential gaps between existing policies and plans within the city administration. This way, the Plan can be perceived as a strategy to approach existing targets in different steering documents of the City.

Some weaknesses within the process and its implementation were identified in Malmö and they will be addressed in the process towards a new Mobility Plan.

Recommendations for the City of Malmö:

Mission fields

  • Communicative measures to engage citizens/user groups
  • Activities with the aim of strengthening the consensus on priorities between modes of transports within the departments of the city administration
  • Methods for anchoring the priorities at the political level
  • Methods for public participation - via different user groups

Action fields

  • Strategy for freight management
  • Car-related measures
  • Indicative cost and effect of measures
  • Different perspectives in analysis of priorities and measures (environment, safety, accessibility, health, etc)